UX Career Jumpstarter

Ready to land your dream UX job within 90 days?
Use my proven strategies tailored for new grads and career changers to fast-track your journey to your first UX role.

Find your unique voice & stand out from the crowd

Perfect your portfolio & applications

Ace interviews with confidence

I hear you..

→ You're graduating from a school program, certification program, bootcamp, or transitioning from another career path. You've developed some design skills, and now it’s time to land your first UX job - but it still feels like it's the hardest thing ever to break into UX.

→ Hours upon hours are poured into your portfolio and applications, and you aren't even sure if your portfolio is clear enough, let alone if it makes you stand out from the crowd.

→ You've been applying to 200-300 jobs, or even more, and just hoping to land something by playing the numbers game and then... you hear crickets.

→ Applying to jobs now feels like a full time job itself, and you feel like you're about to lose your mind. Defeated, you keep asking yourself: what the hell is going on?!

I was right where you are.
And I got you.

Armed with a psychology degree from a small liberal arts college, I dove into UX. But guess what? No one at my school even had a clue about UX.

I sent out tons of applications, using the same old materials, and not even one initial interview came through. I kept wondering if I just wasn’t knowledgeable enough in UX.

So, I upped my game, getting a master's degree in Information Design. But the radio silence continued. With grad school and still no job offers, I was like, "If going to grad school isn't landing me a job, wtf am I supposed to do?" (Oh, and did I mention I needed potential immigration sponsorship back then too…)

The turning point? Realizing I wasn't positioning myself to stand out from the crowd, and my portfolio didn't highlight my strengths or personality. Once I revamped all of it, interviews and job offers started rolling in.

Fast forward, and I’ve been a Senior Product Designer at a Fortune 500 company, consulted with multiple startups, and freelanced. Having sat on several hiring committees, I've got the inside scoop on what clicks and what doesn’t.

Believe me, your dream UX job is within reach, and I've got the roadmap.

UX Career Jumpstarter

My signature 12-week 1:1 mentorship program to help you stand out from the pack, revamp your portfolio and other application materials, and confidently prep for interviews to secure your first UX role.

Phase 1: Identify your strength, build a personal brand, and position yourself to stand out from the crowd.

You heard that right; even as an entry-level UX designer, you need to know how to position yourself. This means we’ll identify exactly what your unique points are, develop your brand voice, and pull the application content together to represent yourself and your work.

Phase 2: The secrets to creating a standout portfolio that gets you hired.

Say goodbye to building a portfolio that feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall. From selecting case studies to writing them and delivering with killer storytelling skills, we’ll work side by side to get your portfolio ready. We'll also refine your resume and LinkedIn to showcase your skillset and personality, to catch the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers.

Phase 3: Nail your interview with confidence and get an offer.

Feeling nervous is normal, but screwing up your interview without knowing what you're saying is NOT. From prepping for the initial phone screener to presenting your case study, to behavioral questions and salary negotiation, we'll work on your communication skills. The goal is for you to clearly articulate who you are, what you do, and land the job you deserve!
I'm ready!

What’s included in UX Career Jumpstarter

It’s got the personalized support you need to land your first UX job.

A personalized plan to strategically land your dream job

In our first call, we will delve deeply into your background and assess where you currently stand in your UX job search process. We will develop a personalized game plan for our time together to help you secure your dream UX position.

12 60-minute 1:1 coaching/ mentorship sessions on Zoom

These sessions are tailored to your needs, and we will collaborate on your application materials, answer your questions, and provide live, real-time feedback to help you make meaningful progress.

Unlimited 1:1 messaging support between sessions

There's no need to wait for our scheduled sessions. If you work on something between sessions, you can send it in for feedback. This also includes accountability; I'll check in with you to keep you on track.

UX Career Jumpstart is NOT for everyone

As much as I'd love to support everyone on this journey, I won't settle for anything less than exceptional. My goal is to provide you with the best possible support and experience, so finding the right match is absolutely crucial for your success.
You are gonna love this program if...
You have design knowledge, at least 1-2 projects in mind, and are actively applying or preparing to apply for UX jobs.
You move quickly and follow through on what we plan together, because you're deeply committed to landing your job.
You're a new grad or a career transitioner aiming to secure your first UX position.
You're seeking a highly personalized experience tailored just for you.
You need guidance, but understand that you are responsible for doing the work.
You aren’t a good fit for this program if...
You have zero UX knowledge and haven't considered applying for jobs in the near future.
You tend to procrastinate and lack the motivation to undergo this process.
You're an experienced designer with years of UX experience under your belt.
You want to be part of a larger community and navigate this journey alongside a group of fellow students.
You expect me to do all the work FOR you.

Frequently asked questions

What are my next steps to get started?

To begin, simply book a quick call with me so we can determine if this program is a good fit. Once we decide to work together, we'll handle the payment and paperwork to get started ASAP.

I'm looking for UX design internships; is this for me?

Absolutely! The earlier you start the process in your UX journey, the better. In fact, I used this process to land several internship positions at the beginning.

I don't have a portfolio at this moment.

That's okay! As long as you have 2-3 projects in mind, we'll collaborate on building your portfolio. If you already have one, we'll focus on enhancing your current portfolio.

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